Stock Tank Secret

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Keeps Stock Tanks Clean!


Barley Straw Treatment
for Livestock Water Tanks

The weekly chore of dumping and scrubbing stock tanks is a hassle. Stock Tank Secret was developed by a horsewoman and her veterinarian to eliminate this messy task.

How to Use Stock Tank Secret:

Stock Tank Secret is easy to use and effective in keeping livestock water tanks clean and drinking water palatable for up to two months. The little-known “secret” is barley straw, which has been used for decades in England as a water treatment.

Tear off the paper label at the perforation and throw the entire unopened bag of Stock Tank Secret into the tank. Do not open the bag. One bag is good for an average 200 gallon stock tank. If your tank is larger or extremely dirty, use two bags.

You can also use Stock Tank Secret in automatic waterers, bird baths, and garden ponds containing fish and aquatic plants.

Stock Tank Secret begins working immediately. However, you may not notice its effect for a week to ten days. At first, you might observe the sides of the stock tank turning black as the barley straw treatment starts to work. If your tank had a lot of dirt and residue built up along the sides of the tank, it may start coming off in sheets and do so for about a week. Take a shovel or a manure fork and fish the floating debris out of the tank.

Your stock tank will become clearer and the tank will remain clean for about two months. Stock Tank Secret works best if you top off your tank frequently. After two months, take out the old bag and replace it with a new bag of Stock Tank Secret.

Stock Tank Secret™
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Keeps stock tanks clean
and drinking water palatable!